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Ch.79 Vol.9
Tengen Uzui (宇髄天元)


But starting right now… things are gonna get real flashy!

Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃9 集英社
Reference source : KOYOHARU GOTOUGE. (2019). Demon Slayer 9. VIZ Media, LL
Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃9 集英社

This flashy nice guy is Uzui Tengen, he was a Shinobi (ninja) before becoming a demon slayer.
His trademark is, needless to say, his flashy appearance and flashy words.


JPN♪kokkara wa dohade ni ikuze
ENGFrom now, things are gonna be real flashy.
こっからはkokkara waこっから=ここから(koko kara)
ここ(kobo): here (could be “now”depending on context)
から(kara): from
は(wa): topic making particle
(は emphasizes “from now” because they have been almost losing “until now”.
ド派手にdohade ni<adverb> real-flashily
nown + に(ni) = adverb
*antonym : 地味に(jimi ni)simply, conservatively
行くぜikuzethings are gonna be—, I will go, here we go, Let’s go
ぜ(ze)= boys’/men’s word to add after verbs

Explanation | Meaning of ど(do) ofド派手(dohade)

“Dohade” means “very flashy”. As you can imagine ど emphasizes the meaning of 派手(flashy). It attaches to words to make the word exaggerated. However the word with “do” sounds NOT sophisticated but rather dirty, in some cases very impolite. Furthermore not all the words can be combined to ど and possible examples are very limited. If you are uncertain, I recommend you not to use it.

But don’t you want to know which words can exist with “ど”? Let’s see some examples.

Non-problematic words (just emphasized)

ど真ん中(domannaka): very middle
ど迫力(dohakuryoku): very powerful / intense

Insulting words

ど素人 (doshirōto): bloody novice
どあほ (doaho): very stupid
ど下手 (doheta): very poor (about someone’s performance)

*avoiding very bad words 🙂

Explanation | 行くぜ Let’s go!

You can remember that “行くぜ” as “here I go”.
You may wonder “so how to say ‘here we go’?” Good question, but it’s not that simple. I will explain several phrases and its meaning without lots of grammar. Just remember and use it!

行くぜikuzeHere I go!
(Depending on the situation, it could be “here we go”.)
行くぞikuzoLet’s go!
行くよikuyoLet’s go!
(Soft version of 行くぞ. )
A mother says “ikuyo!” but the child never comes, then she said “ikuzo!!
行こうikōLet’s go!
(Neutral let’s go)
行こうよikōyoLet’s go!
(Respecting a other’s idea)
行きましょうikimasyōLet’s go!
(Polite, but still forcible)
行きませんかikimasenkaWhy don’t we go?
(Polite and respecting other’s idea)

“Ze” of “ikuze” is men’s expression. Neutrally you can use “ikō” more often.
But if you are cool as Uzui, why don’t you use “ikuze”?

That’s all

It’s fun to hear Tengen’s words which are very strong and very flashy! A shinobi (ninja) must be very unfancy, so flashy things are exactly opposite of shinobi’s life.


  1. Postaza says:

    Thank you for another amazing post!
    Better be careful with the use of “ど” then! We are not as flashy as Uzui so we might get in trouble!
    Thanks again for the examples and amazing explanation!

    • mima says:

      Happy to hear you liked this post!
      Yes, I recommend to check in advance a word can be available with “do”.
      Be flashy as Uzui!