I’ve done it… p(>_<)q | Ch.68 Vol.8

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Ch.68 Vol.8
Tanjiro Kamado (竈門 炭治郎)



Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃8 集英社
Reference source : KOYOHARU GOTOUGE. (2019). DEMON SLAYER 9, VIZ Media, LL

You know that Tanjiro has a hard head, literally.
This line is what Tanjiro said when he unintentionally (maybe) head-butted Rengoku’s father.
It seems he really regrets about what he did… Everyone has such a moment, so no worries Tanjiro!
Here you can learn how to say when “oh, I’ve done it”. Check variations too!


JPN♪yatte shimatta
ENGI’ve done it.
やってyatteBASIC FORM: やる (yaru)
to do something (≠するsuru)
しまったshimattaBASIC FORM: しまう (shimau)
“shimatta” –> past-tense form
to complete a certain action /
to express one’s regret for doing a certain action

Explanation – Variation of やってしまった

English has other ways to express “I’ve done it” like “I messed up”.
There are some other expression similar to “やってしまった”, so let’s check!

しまったshimattaThis word comes out automatically after a mistake. (like Damn)
Men/Women can use it.
いけないikenaiLike “しまった”, this words usually pops out from your mouth,
but it sounds more elegant.
Has meaning ”Don’t do it” too.
やっちゃったyacchattaMeaning “I did it” but sounds cute.
It also has lots of meaning like “great”, “ugly”, “terrible” etc. depending on the situation.
Curiously, it’s always understood.

That’s all!

Every language has words that come out from your mouth unintentionally like “damn”, “s**t”, “oops” and more and more.
I want to collect all of them and compare with English, it must be funny.. but not here I’m sorry.

If you say “shimatta!” in front of Japanese friends, they may be asking you nervously “..what did you do?”
I often say “shimatta shimatta shimatta shimatta!!!” with a sense of failure.
This word makes other people unease and make yourself feel freed from guilt (a little).