Ch.17 Vol.3 | How to say “I’m joking” in Japanese?


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Ch.17 vol.3
Yushiro (愈史郎)


(I’m joking)

Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2016) 鬼滅の刃3 集英社 p.7 (translated by quoter)
Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2016) 鬼滅の刃3 集英社 p.7

It’s so fun to see this scene of Yushiro’s ugly statement!
When he said to Tamayo “let’s flee using Tanjiro as a decoy”, Lady Tamayo is put off by what he said. 
Then Yushiro cannot stand her disdainful attitude and said “just joking!” at once.

It’s one of the greatest comedy scenes I love!

He is harsh and cold to anybody other than Tamayo but he never hides his love to her and he always tries to protect her! Lovable boy…

Here let’s see how to say “just joking” in Japanese. It’s easy so please memorize!


JPN♪Jōdan des(u)
ENGI’m joking.
冗談jōdana joke
ですdes(u)*It is —-.
To determine what is described before “desu”.

Explanation | です(desu)

“desu” is a word to be put at the end of a sentence which makes the sentence end properly.
It sounds polite and formal. It can be usually put after nouns or words which represent nature of things, feelings, etc.
Only some examples;

禰豆子ねずこはかわいいです。Nezuko wa kawaii desu.Nezuko is lovely.
炭治郎たんじろうはやさしいです。Tanjiro wa yasashii desu.Tanjiro is kind.
善逸ぜんいつ禰豆子ねずこきです。Zenitsu wa Nezuko ga suki desu.Zenitsu loves Nezuko.
無惨むざんこわいです。Muzan wa kowai desu.Muzan is scary.
これは無理むりです。Kore wa muri desu.It is impossible.
あれはおにです。Are wa oni desu.That is a demon.
今日きょうれです。Kyō wa hare desu.Today is sunny.

How to pronounce “desu

Pronunciation of “desu” is a tricky. The sound is not “desu” but “des” or with very light “su”.
Please remember you don’t have to make a strong sound of “su” because it’s unnatural.

There are some other rules that we should be careful not to pronounce vowel sound like;
好き suki → s(u)ki (like, love)
明日 ashita → ash(i)ta (tomorrow)
such words are countless!

The rule is simple. When the sound “i” or “u” are between voiceless consonant like “k” “s” “t” “h” and “p”, the vowel sounds are unvoiced.

It’s too hard to remember at once, but just remember that there are Japanese words that the vowels are not pronounced as they are written.

That’s all!

Did you get how to say “I’m joking” in Japanese?
It’s easy, isn’t it?

I love Kimetsu no Yaiba because lots of comedy scenes come out even in serious situations.
This may be one of the reasons people love this manga!