Ch.45 Vol.6 | Mitsuri falling in love 1

Mitsuri Kanroji

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Ch.45 Vol.6
Mitsuri Kanroji (甘露寺 蜜璃)

相変わらずネチネチして 蛇みたい しつこくて素敵

As usual, Iguro is as cooly menacing as a snake. He’s reliable, which is nice.

Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃6 集英社
Reference source : KOYOHARU GOTOUGE. (2019). Demon Slayer. VIZ Media, LL
Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃6 集英社

Mitsuri falls in love with someone quickly which is really cute. But her point of falling in love is unique! Let’s see her funny wording and feel her sense!


JPN相変わらずネチネチして 蛇みたい しつこくて素敵
JPN♪aikawarazu nechi-nechi shite hebi mitai / shitsukokute suteki
ENGAs usual he is gloomy like a snake. He is insistent which is nice.
相変わらずaikawarazuas usual
ネチネチしてnechinechi shitebeing sticky, gloomy (character)
hebia snake
みたいmitaito look like, like *Explanation 2
Basic form: しつこい(shitsukoi)

Explanation 1 | onomatopoeia ネチネチ

ネチネチ(nechinechi) is one of onomatopoeia which expresses unpleasant sticky thing like melted sticky asphalt, but also it can express a persistent personality. So like Iguro, a person who is always rubbing it in is called “nechinechi person” in Japanese!


JPN♪Iguro wa itsumo nechinechi to iyami o iu 
ENGIguro always naggingly makes sarcastic remarks.

So in this scene, Mitsuri feels his way of blaming is sticky/clammy like a snake (is snakes’ skin sticky? not sure though) and she loves his stickiness because it’s nice (!?) … difficult to understand for me!

Explanation 2 | mitai (to look like)

みたい (mitai) has meanings of

an assessment of the situation
an metaphoric expression

Here みたい is used for the latter meaning meaning.

When this word comes to the end of the sentence, you can use in the form of “mitai” but in the middle of the sentence, it has to be used with particles “na” or “ni”.

When you use “mitai” with other words, use it properly with “na” or “ni” along with a simple rule below;
mitai + na + noun
mitai + ni + adjective, verb

When “mitai” comes to the end of the sentence, you can put sentence-ending particles like “da” and “ne” after “mitai”.


胡蝶 こちょうしのぶは天使てんしみたいなひとだ。Kocho Shinobu wa tenshi mitaina hito da.Shinobu Kocho is a person like an angel.
炭治郎たんじろうの刀は暗闇くらやみみたいにくろい。Tanjiro no katana wa kurayami mitaini kuroiTanjiro’s sword is black like a dark night.
蜜璃みつりねこみたいだ。Mitsuri wa neko mitai da.Mitsuri is like a cat.

That’s all!

Mitsuri easily falls in love and here you can see the reason why she likes them, which is funny and unique.

English translation is quite different from the original one and I picked up this sentence for the article because I thought it should be fun and Mitsuri’s unusual way of thinking has to be known to global people.

Enjoy English (or other language) version, and sometimes come back here to check what it really means in the original manga.