Ch.60 Vol.7 | Yomoya yomoya! by Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku

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Ch.60 Vol.7
Kyojuro Rengoku (煉獄 杏寿郎)

うたたしているに こんな事態じたいに なっていようとは!! よもや よもやだ

So this is what happened while I was dozing? I can’t believe it!

Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃7 集英社
Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃7 集英社

Yomoya… this word sounds funny, isn’t it? What is “yomoya”?

Telling the truth, I’ve never used or heard this phrase before reading this manga, but in 2020 it has become one of the most popular phrases in Japan thanks to Rengoku. Even small kids know it now..!

While he was dozing in Mugen Train, terrible things happened in there. Today’s topic is a sentence he said when he saw the situation just after the nap. You can listen to “yomoya yomoya” in the Kimetsu movie trailer. (around 30sec)



JPNうたたしているに / こんな事態じたいに / なっていようとは!! / よもや よもやだ
JPN♪utatane shiteiru mani / konna jitaini / natte iyōtowa / yomoya yomoya da
ENGIt’s unbelievable such a thing happened while I was dozing! No way, no way!
うたたutatanea short sleep
しているshiteiru ma niduring doing (something)
shiteiru : doing
ma ni : during
こんな事態じたいkonna jitai nisuch a situation
konna : such
jitai : situation
ni : <Postpositional particle> used for reaching a resulting situation or place
なっていようとはnatte iyōtowaI cannot believe that something has become (such an unexpected result)
– – – になる(ni naru) : <standard form> to become – – –
よもやyomoyait can’t be possible, unlikely, no way (= まさか masaka)
<adjective use> よもやの (yomoya no) = まさかの (masaka no)
improbable, unlike

Explanation | Yomoya

We rarely use “yomoya” for conversations. It is used more in text, novels, formal expressions, historical dramas, etc.
There is also a similar word that we more often use like “まさか (masaka)”, that’s why we don’t have to use “yomoya” for a daily use. 

“Yomoya” is used for something which cannot be happened.
Let’s see some examples.

よもやおまえおにではあるまいなyomoya omae wa oni dewa arumaina.You cannot be a demon, can’t you? (expressing surprises)
炭治郎たんじろうはよもやけることはないだろうTanjiro wa yomoya makerukoto wa nai daroTanjiro would surely not be defeated.
善逸ぜんいつるとよもやの出来事できごとこるZenitsu ga neruto yomoya no dekigoto ga okoruWhen Zenitsu is asleep, improbable things happen.

Rengoku is like a Kabuki actor

“Yomoya” is sometimes used even these days, but it’s almost an old word.
It sounds stylish and a little old-fashioned. “Stylish” in this case, chic and cool, in Japanese it is called “粋 iki”. 

This is only my opinion, but Rengoku reminds me of a Kabuki actor. Kabuki is one of popular cultures developed in Edo period when samurai warriors were striding. Kabuki is very much 粋 (cool)! They always perform exaggeratedly.

Kabuki actors use old-fashioned words in their performance. In Kabuki, they repeat a word to emphasize the meaning of the word and the atmosphere of the scene.

As for “Yomoya”, only one yomoya can be understood but repeating “yomoya yomoya” makes the meaning exaggerated. By the repeated words, it is recognized easily that Rengoku was surprised very much (he didn’t look surprised though, rather amused!)

I can see the world of Kabuki by the word of “yomoya yomoya” and through Rengoku, his appearance.
Rengoku looks like kabuki actor…doesn’t he? 

I think so not only for his appearance, but for his attitude (slightly bombastic) and his way of talking (his voice is always big!).
Also… for his big bulging eyes.

Kabuki actor = Bulging eyes

That’s all!

Get the meaning of “yomoya” a little?

Whatever happens, Rengoku looks always calm and cool, and passionate!
Like Rengoku, in order to become a strong-willed person, to be calm and not to care much about your mistakes, why not say a magic word, “yomoya yomoya”!


  1. Shoom_42 says:

    This was super helpful and interesting! Thank you!

  2. Postaza says:

    Ahhh I just discovered your page and I’m loving it so much! Thank you so much for all of your effort! I’ve been learning japanese for a couple years now so this is very helpful not only because of the language but also for the cultural insights!

    I’ve noticed that Japanese people love “yomoya” and they always use it as Rengoku’s catch phrase so I was always curious what was so special about the word, and now I know it thanks to you! I also love your idea on Rengoku resembling a Kabuki actor! I think it fits perfectly since his own hobby is Kabuki and Noh theather :’)

    Thank you so much again!

    • mima says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Wow you’re learning Japanese. Ganbatte!!
      Sorry I’m a slow updater.. I hope this site be helpful for your learning. ^_^

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    Ehh, so that’s the meaning?
    So cute Rengoku saying it like that. And the way Hino Satoshi saying it in the Kimetsu Radio was also cute xD
    Btw, this web is amazing! I haven’t found any of english based Kimetsu no Yaiba web with so much information before. I’m going to read another article as well ^^~