Ch.54 Vol.7 | Rengoku saying “UMAI” in full blast in the Mugen train

Kyojuro Rengoku

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Did you see our Rengoku saying “Umai, umai!” eating a lunch box?

Today’s topic

Ch.54 Vol.7 
Kyojuro Rengoku (煉獄 杏寿郎)

うまい! うまい! うまい!


Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃7 集英社
Reference source : KOYOHARU GOTOUGE. (2019). Demon Slayer 7. VIZ Media, LL
Reference source : 五峠呼世晴 (2017) 鬼滅の刃7 集英社
うまいumaidelicious, yummy

OK, today’s topic is too simple to say anything else…
But as in English they express “delicious”, “yummy” or “it tastes good” and etc., Japanese also has other ways of saying “delicious”.

Comparing 4 ways of DELICIOUS

おいしいoishiiStandard way to say “it tastes good”.
“THIS tastes good.” = “これはおいしい。 (KORE wa oishii)”
うまいumaiMeaning “delicious, yummy” but it is a men’s word and casual.
(Women can use it though.)
美味びみbimiDeliciousness. This kanji literally means “Beautiful Taste, good flavor”.
More formal than おいしい.
“The taste was excellent!” = “とても美味でした(totemo bimi deshita)”
絶品ぜっぴんzeppinA superb piece, masterpiece.
It is used when you want to express a great taste like saying “this tastes incredible”.

“Oishii” is probably a mostly used word as “it tastes good” but “umai” is used a lot too.

But I want you to remember that “oishii” is more polite and formal than “umai”, so it’s better to use “umai” among your friends or family only.

Talking about the bento…

By the way, a bento (lunch box) Rengoku was eating in the train was said “牛鍋弁当ぎゅうなべべんとう” (gyūnabe bento). It’s a kind of sukiyaki lunch box. In Japan, there are a lot of EKIBEN, meaning “station lunch box” which are sold in each train station. Rengoku’s bento may be ekiben too. Ekiben is a local stuff and is very different depending on areas. In Taisyo era, people started to eat beef but in advanced regions only, so MAYBE Rengoku bought this bento in somewhere in Tokyo. It’s only my guess.

In ufotable’s twitter, they said ufotable cafe served this lunch box last year as a collaboration campaign!
Ah, I wanted to have this… it looks very tasty!

How to say “Looks tasty”

One of the words we often use (maybe used globally) is “it looks tasty”.
In Japanese, you can remember these two ways;


Everyone can use “oishisō”, if you are a man, you can use “umasō” too. If you say “umasō”, they may think you are familiar to Japanese but it could be rude sometimes. I recommend you to use “oishisō”.

That’s all

In the future if you travel Japan using train or Shinkansen, you’ll definitely buy ekiben and enjoy it, and now you know what you have to say, right…?

Of course, UMAI !!