Inosuke Hashibira

Ch.28 Vol.4 | I’m hungry for battle!

Welcome to Kimetsu no Japanese, site for learning Japanese from a manga Demon Slayer.Today's topicCh.28 Vol.4Zenitsu Ag...
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Ch.52 Vol.6 | What does Twelve Kizuki and Jogen / Kagen mean in Japanese?

In Demon Sayer, appear very strong demons called Twelve Kizuki, ranked from Lower 6 to Upper 1. Does kizuki actually have a meaning? Check the Japanese meaning!

Ch.17 Vol.3 | How to say “I’m joking” in Japanese?

Let's check how to say " I'm Joking" in Japanese. It's easy and you can get it soon! The scene from Demon Slayer is Yushiro talking to Lady Tamayo.
Giyu Tomioka

Ch.42 Vol.5 | Giyu rescues Tanjiro! Leave the rest to me

What Giyu said after helping Tanjiro is "Leave the rest to me". How can it be described in Japanese? You can find it here.